The Audio Epilog loudspeakers are here to quintessentialy change your listening experience.
A thrue thoroughbred, the Audio Epilog loudspeaker is that rarest of things, a performance loudspeaker that combines true beauty with functionality. Discover the qualities embodied in every Audio Epilog loudspeaker:

Purity, Beauty and Soul.

Audio Epilog is one of the world's most distinguished high end loudspeaker manufacturers.
It has been producing exclusive, hand-crafted loudspeakers for over 10 years.
In that time, there have been built about 2.000 Audio Epilogs and more than 99 per cent are still in use, cherished, listened and tested by enthusiastic audiophile owners around the world.

Audio Epilogs are hand-built loudspeakers, made to order, and this bespoke approach enables the provision of any combination of paint, real wood and leather trim colours. It benefits from the superior levels of finish and exclusive design details that would be impossible in a mass-produced loudspeaker.

The founder of the company, Dean Ledjenac, has a clear vision: to create high end loudspeakers with a distinctive character; loudspeakers built to a high standard that are exhilarating to listen and to own; loudspeakers with purity, beauty and soul. Those values remain integral to our approach.

In 1999, Audio Epilog produced the first of the famous "Cortez" series of loudspeakers.
These iconic models were among the most beautiful and desireable of all high end loudspeakers of 2000s and helped define Audio Epilog's image and ethos, as well as securing its long-term future.